Receive your temporary emails using POP3 protocol or by email forwarding

Why must I pay for this service?

Alas not everybody is a nice person, and some people abused the email forwarding feature to make it seem like MailCatch was sending spam. For this reason this feature is not available freely anymore and require a "premium" account.

For a very low fee (2€ per month) a premium account will allow you to register as many email forwards as you wish (however using it to spam people will not be tolerated). In addition you will be able to access any MailCatch inbox from your prefered email client using the POP3 protocol.

One premium account gives you rights to access all and any inboxes on MailCatch from POP3 as you would on the site itself. It also allows you to define as many email forwards as you wish.

Register using PayPal

Click on the button bellow, you will be sent to the secure payment page. Once you subscribe PayPal will generate a login/password for you that you can use on MailCatch. Take care to remember it (you can always get it back on PayPal interface).

I forgot how to setup my POP3 client

No problem, simply enter you premium account login/password and we will display your connection settings:


Check inbox

Random address

You can use any address you want, but in case you can't think of a good cryptic one, here is a random one:
(Copies to your clipboard automatically)

Rapid access

You can access your mailbox even faster by using an url like that:

RSS Feed

You can access your mailbox as a RSS feed using your favorite feed aggregator. Just enter your mailbox name and click on the RSS button.