Disposable temporary email addresses with MailCatch temporary inbox technology, fight the spam!

Antispam solution!

MailCatch is an email service that allows you to create temporary disposable mailboxes, in a completly anonymous way. When you are asked for an email by a website and you do not want to give your (for fear of spam), you can simply give whatever mailbox name you want on the mailcatch.com domain (like whatever@mailcatch.com). Then you come here, type in the mailbox name and check your mail. We get the spam, not you! The ultimate anti-spam service!

No Registration!

You do not need to register with us or give any information. We do not want to know about you, that is what "anonymous" really means!

Full service for free: no sign-up!

You do not need to sign-in to check your email, just enter the email account name in the field and see it!
We just accept all mails on all email accounts, just send us a mail and then check it. Hassle free.

Private MailCatch host: sign-up!

But you said no sign-up!
Yes, MailCatch works fine without any kind of registration or login, just use any email adresses. However sometimes you may wish for a little more privacy, or, more likely, you have encountered a website refusing temporary email domains.
The solution is available, by registering a premium account you will get your very own private MailCatch instance with its own, newly created, domain name!

No hard-drives where harmed...

... in the making of this service!
We do not pollute the planet by using tons and tons of storage devices, because simply, we do not store any mails on permanent storage. We just store the latest mails received in memory and flush them out as needed.
No trace anywhere!

Easy to use

No complicated web interface, no registration process, just a simple, clean and fast page to check your mails and be on your way.

Check inbox

Random address

You can use any address you want, but in case you can't think of a good cryptic one, here is a random one:

(Copies to your clipboard automatically)

Rapid access

You can access your mailbox even faster by using an url like that:


RSS Feed

You can access your mailbox as a RSS feed using your favorite feed aggregator. Just enter your mailbox name and click on the RSS button.